Social media empathises with the Kashmiri Muslim woman who was denied flat because she is Muslim

SHAFAQNA – “No Muslims in my house,” said the landlord of an apartment in Regency Park, Gurgaon, when a young Muslim woman approached him for taking his house on rent. Few days back our website published a story of a 37-year-old independent woman who was denied from giving an apartment as she was a Muslim.

The social media got buzzed just after the story got published. While one side of people are showing concern for this woman, the other side are slamming the landlord who has such lame thoughts.

“First we all are human beings; we should follow basic rules of humanity. Shame on my Indian brothers, I never did with a non-Muslim like this. I have helped them in all the time (sic)”, a man showed his deep concern over the incident at our Facebook page.


According to the comment, which was posted on India TV official Facebook page, this is not the first time Muslims have faced such a situation. As per him, lot of such incidents in Dehradun and Delhi are occurring.

Facebook reaction

Another man wrote that the woman should search for a family who will take her on her terms.

And many other comments, like the ones mentioned above poured, empathizing with this one single woman who is looking for a homely stay for herself and her mother.

Think for a moment, does this incident reflect a true picture of a secular and developing India?

India is a very large country and the demographics changes from region to region. According to Right to life (a Fundamental Right), each and every Indian has the right to live with human dignity. This includes rights such as those to education, health, shelter and basic amenities which the state shall provide.

Then why this woman was denied from giving an apartment just because she was a Muslim. It’s high time for us to stop judging people based on religion and caste.

Nobody from any religion should play the victim card. Minority victimization is just as bad as Majority favouritism.

Also, since supposed communalism and dubious secularism are both an Indian reality, so we should try to safe way out of the two.

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