Why socializing and friendship with unprincipled people must be avoided?


SHAFAQNA – Abu Hashim Ja’afary one of Imam Ridha/Reza’s (AS) students said: Imam Ridha (AS) asked me: Why do I see you socializing with Abdulrahman bin Yaqoob? Ja’afari replied: He is my uncle. Imam (AS) said: But he says inappropriate things about God, and God cannot be described in that way. So either socialize with him and leave us or avoid him and be our companion. Abu Hashim asked: How can he harm me with his sayings and belief whilst I am firm in my belief? Imam Ridha (AS) replied: Do you not fear about the calamity which will be inflicting on him and also burn you with him? Have you not heard the story of a person who was one of Prophet Moses (AS) companions but his father was Pharaoh’s companion? He asked his father to join him but his father rejected that invitation and they confronted each other until they reached the sea; suddenly the time came for Pharaoh and his followers to be drowned and that person was also drowned with his father. When the news reached Moses (AS), he said: God’s mercy will be on him but when God’s torment arrives the one who is near the sinner will have no defence [1].

[1] Osul Kafi, Vol. 2, Page 374.


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