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The solution for Islamophobia is “Tadabor”, dialogue, understanding



The international conference “Islam in Europe: Perspectives and Challenges” was held in Imam Khomeyni International University, Qom, Iran. This one-day conference started with participation of scholars and clerics, international figures and academic members from European and Asian universities such as Italy, England, Czech Republic, Netherlands, and so on.

At the conference, Ayatullah Mahdi Hadavi Tehrani, special guest speaker on the issue of Islam in Europe, called finding the solution to Islamophobia the most important job, saying: “Some people in West are even thinking of genocide, the same as what is happening in Myanmar, and Immigration of Muslims and their expulsion from their country is a solution to radicalism in their view, while the peaceful solution is “coexistence”.

In his speech that delivered in English, he stressed “coexistence”, “dialogue” and understanding each other the most important way to solve problems.

According to Ayatullah Hadavi, this is an important responsibility and we must have a “correct image” of each other.

The issue of extremism

Ayatollah Hadavi, referring to the issue of extremism, explained: “Islamic extremism is not the only kind of extremism and even non-religious extremism exist”, adding: “We also have Jewish and Christian extremists. Jewish extremism is Zionism, whose ideology has been criticized by many Jews in the world. We also have secular extremism that is secularism. There is Buddhist extremism in Myanmar and extremist Hinduism in India.”

In his remarks, he said the solution to the problem of Islamophobia is “Tadabor,” saying: ” Tadabor ” in Islam provides a complete systematic approach that does not just means thinking, but a system for justify comparing religions with each other and, as a result, we will come to mutual understanding.

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