Somalia’s Council urged Kenya to protect Muslims

SHAFAQNA – Somalia’s Ulema Council urged Nairobi on Tuesday to protect Somali refugees in Kenya following Thursday’s assault on Kenya’s Garissa University by the Al-Shabaab, which left 151 students dead and dozens of others wounded.

The attacks and assassinations perpetrated by Al-Shabaab contravene Islamic values and Somali traditions, the council – an umbrella group of several Islamic movements – said in a statement.

The council also expressed hope that Al-Shabaab’s actions would not threaten “peaceful coexistence” between the Kenyan and Somali peoples.

The Kenya attacks sought to “sow hate between Somali and Kenyan society,” the council said, warning the latter against “falling victim to the deception of Al-Shabaab, which has tainted the reputation of Islam.”

The council went on to urge Kenyan and Somali authorities to work on “guaranteeing stability and security while cooperating to protect citizens.”

It called on the Kenyan authorities in particular to avoid adopting measures in response to the attack that might put Somali refugees in the country at risk.

At least 151 people were killed in an attack on Kenya’s Garissa University College last Thursday.

Somalia’s  Al-Shabaab group claimed responsibility for the attack.

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