Some signs of the time of re-appearance of Imam Mahdi (AJ)

SHAFAQNA – According to various narrations, some signs of the time of re-appearance of Imam Mahdi (AJ) are: Widespread oppression and cruelty; debauchery, vice and crime; violating people’s right; adultery and drinking wine; nakedness of women and promiscuity; inappropriate singing and music; love of the world; Haram earnings and materialism; various new illnesses; flood, earthquake and famine; unpleasant events and calamities; giving false evidence; usury and theft; disrespect of parents and elderly, jealousy and insulting parents; deceit, infidelity and treachery; spread of inappropriate names; pilgrimage to Hajj for amusement, holiday, trade, showing off and pretence; disappearance of knowledge and appearance of ignorance; dispersing of religion and change (for bad) in people’s situation; going out of Welayat and Imamate of infallible Imams (AS); isolation of Shias and believers; domination by wicked and bad people; sedition and riots; chaos and looting; murder, thieving, shedding blood; severe panic and worry among people, disputes and disagreements among Arab people and Muslims; etc. [1].

[1] Atharul Saadiqeen, Vol. 29, PP 367-391.

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