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Some titles of Imam Ali (AS) as mentioned in the holy Quran (Part three-last part)

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – Therefore the real Mohsen (benefactor) is Imam Ali (AS) and the rest are around him. Haskani who is a Hanafi scholar of fifth century authored a book entitled “Shawahedul Tanzeel” and in it he gathered Ayahs which relate to Imam Ali (AS). He also reported some narrations from Ibn Abbas in his book, among them one saying: All Ayahs addressing believers, first of all is addressed to Amiral Momeneen (AS) who is the leader of all of them and he is the main focus of these addresses. Imam Ali (AS) continued by saying that: I am the person who is mentioned in Ayah 36 of Surah Al-Qaaf, meaning the owner of the heart which is filled with divine truths and names, is the Amiral Momeneen (Commander of the believers).

I am the one who is mentioned in Ayah 191 of Surah Al-e-Imran, the one who remembers God while standing, sitting and lying on their sides. As mentioned in Ayah 190 of Surah Al-e-Imran there are those who remember God at all times even in their sleep. Also as mentioned in Ayah 48 of Surah Al-A’araaf, there are those who on the Day of Judgment are known by their faces, they are the Companions on the Heights, Imam Ali (AS) said: I, my brother the prophet of Allah (PBUH) and my cousin Hamza are those who are mentioned in this holy Ayah.

Imam Ali (AS) recited Ayah 54 of Surah Al-Forqan and Ayah 12 of Surah Al-Haaqqah and said: I am that ear which is able to hear, a place filled with all the truths. The whole existence of Imam Ali (AS) is by the divine permission and receives the divine words. There are reminders in Quran regarding ears which have given the capacity to receive divine advice and Imam (AS) said: I am the ear who can hear divine words. Then Imam Ali (AS) recited Ayah 29 of Surah Al-Zumar and said: I am the one who has submitted to just one. Then Imam (AS) added: One of my children is Mahdi (AJ) who has the entire guidance in his authority and then said: I am the subject for testing the believers and with affections towards me or otherwise, believers and hypocrites will be known.

Some say why the name of Imam Ali (AS) is not mentioned in the Quran? The answer is, if you want to see a name that people through their hearts are looking for and want to find out about Imam (AS) and find the way, all those names that are mentioned in Quran are attributed to Amiral Momeneen Ali (AS). The Late Bahrani, the author of Tafseeral Borhan was inspired by this narration and wrote a book entitled “Al-Lawame’al Noraneeyah fi Asma’a Ali wa Ahla Baiteh” and mentioned nearly 1000 Ayahs in this book. Even Sunni Grandee Ibn Hajar Asqalani who is not a supporter of Ahlul Bait in “Saweqal Moharraqeh” narrated from Ibn Abbas that there are 300 Ayahs in Quran about Imam Ali (AS) of which 70 of them have mentioned the special attributes of Amiral Momeneen (AS) and then reported from Ibn Abbas who said: Imam Ali (AS) is praised wherever he is mentioned in the holy Quran.

Explanation by: Ayatollah Mirbaqeri

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