Sorrowful view of Imam Hasan Ibn Ali’s grave in Al-Baqi demolished by Saudi rulers


Shafaqna – Sorrowful view of Imam Hasan ibn Ali’s (A.S) grave in Al-Baqi demolished by Saudi rulers.

Saudi Wahabis spawned a tragedy and desolated Imam Hassan Ibn Ali’s tomb in Al-Baqi Cemetery in 1930.  Ever since, no-one has been allowed to rebuild the holy sight.

In photos the graves of Imam Hasan ibn-e-Ali(a.s.) (the 2nd Hole Imam), Imam Ali Ibn-e-Hussain (the 4th Hole Imam), Imam Mohammad ibn-e-Ali (the 5th Holy Imam), and Imam Jaffer ibn-e-Mohammad (the 6th Holy Imam) and Fāṭimah bint Asad (the mother of Ali bin Abi Talibare A.S) are seen.



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