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Sources : Egypt sent 25 thousand troops to protect the border of Saudi Arabia from “Huthi”

SHAFAQNA (Exclusive ) – A diplomatic source revealed that Egypt has sent more than 25 thousand of the elite armed forces to the south of Saudi Arabia to protect its border with Yemen, where militants controlled Ansar Allah “Houthis” over a large area of the border with Saudi Arabia in the north of Yemen.

The source expected, during his interview with the newspaper “Al Quds Al Arabi” of London, that this number will increase from the Egyptian military forces stationed on the Saudi-Yemeni border, to do lightning strikes against the Houthis if necessary as a regional military intervention in Yemen.

Saudi Arabia was announced suspension of its embassy in Sanaa for security reasons. Saudi Press Agency Quoted that an official in Foreign Ministry saying that «a result of the deterioration of the security and political situation in the Yemeni capital Sanaa, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to suspend all work embassy in Sanaa and the evacuation of all its members, who arrived in the Kingdom and are safe and safety».
Egyptian sources said that there is concern in Cairo from the control of the Houthis on Mandeb Strait, which would threaten the continuation of the passage of ships through the Suez Canal.

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