Date :Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017 | Time : 11:25 |ID: 52069 | Print

Spain’s Muslims unite against terrorism


Around 50 associations backed Monday’s rally which converged in the Plaza de Catalunya close to where a van ploughed into pedestrians on Las Ramblas.

The message was loud and clear from Miriam Hatibi, a Muslim community spokesperson, “We have been demonstrating in different places across Catalonia showing we are against barbarism and unreason, but today we want to want the Muslim and non-Muslim majority, to come together with a loud voice, to say no to terrorism, no to violence So that our young Catalan Muslims do not embrace perverse ideologies, which have no justification or explanation, and which have nothing to do with Islam, nor with any religion”, reported.

Although three days of official mourning have finished Barcelona’s famous boulevard remains dotted by makeshift memorials and tourists as locals keep on coming to pay their respects to the victims.

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