Spreading the name, Ali

SHAFAQNA – The late Sheikh Kolayni narrated that Moawiyeh, installed Marwan ibn Hakam as the governor of Medina and ordered him to allocate allowances for youths of Quraysh. Imam Zainul Abedeen (AS) said: I was with the youths who went to Marwan. Marwan asked me: What is your name? I replied: Ali ibn Hussain.Then he asked: What is your brother’s name? I replied: He is also called Ali ibn Hussain. Marwan angrily said: Ali, Ali?! Your father wants to call all his children Ali? I returned to my father and told him about what happened. My father said: Woe to the son of darkened eyed woman, if I had 100 sons, I would have liked to call them all Ali without any exceptions [1].

[1] Foro’a kafi, Vol. 6. page 19.

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