Starving orphans left behind by ISIS pulled from Mosul’s ruins

SHAFAQNA – The orphans that ISIS left behind: Toddlers on the brink of starvation are pulled alive from the rubble of Mosul as one of those rescued tells soldiers both her parents died in a suicide attack.

Iraqi Army soldiers are combing through the rubble in Western Mosul’s Old City in a bid to find survivors left behind by the ISIS’s evil reign of terror.During their search, the rescuers found two children crawling amid the rubble – with one of them eating scraps of raw meat in a bid to stay alive.

Another of the toddlers, a young girl named Amina, was found by soldiers when they heard her cries coming from beneath wreckage.

She told the men that her parents were likely both killed in a suicide bomb attack.

These astonishing images reveal that while Mosul may now have been liberated from ISIS, the scars will forever remain on a city that has been torn to pieces by the evil ideology of terror.


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