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“State-sanctioned terrorism in Yemen,” says anti-war US activist

SHAFAQNA – In a recent interview for Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s website, Robert Shetterly, an American producer and anti-war activist opened up on what he calls “Saudi state-sanctioned terrorism in Yemen,” admitting to a truth have dared squarely look in the face.

For almost a year now, Yemen has been set on fire, carpet-bombed and blockaded under strict orders of Riyadh. A torn land, Yemen no longer echoes of laughter or hopes – it stands a broken land inhabited by a war-stricken nation. When I say “broken” I mean destroyed! Yemen’s spirit remains very much alive for all the pain it has been put through, and the heart-wrenching struggles its sons and daughters have been made to endure under the tyrannical blade of the House of Saud.

Still, this one House has claimed the moral high ground, unashamed and bashful before the world community. “While the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia deeply regrets any civilian deaths, it firmly denies allegations of deliberately targeting civilians. Further, it will not be hindered by such political posturing in its pursuit of vital national security objectives,” wrote Mohammed bin Nawaf bin Abdulaziz in an opinion piece published in the Telegraph on February 29.

But the real affront of his narrative lies in his title: “Saudi Arabia is bombing in Yemen to bring peace and stability.” I’m pretty certain millions of Yemenis would beg to differ.

Logic and reason would argue that blind mortal violence cannot in fact by definition become a conduit to stability. Destroying Yemen to oblivion will NOT bring peace … except if course by peace the kingdom means submission, in which case there is logic in such narrative.

Dr Riaz Karim from the Mona Relief organization noted in a recent interview how entire communities in northern Yemen have been left with nothing but the clothes on their back after Saudi-led air raids claimed their homes, businesses, schools, hospitals and places of worship. “It is difficult to word the sheer devastation Saudi Arabia has rained on Yemen … entire villages have been reduced to nothing but ashes … historical landmarks have been obliterated and forever lost. The kingdom has acted with a belligerent decadence which is deeply sickening.”

The Saudi Ambassador to Britain continues: “It is important to understand the nature of the war that is now taking place in Yemen, the extensive efforts that have already been made by the Saudi military to avoid civilian casualties, and the ways in which misinformation about such conflicts often finds its way into the public eye. Once these elements are looked at, the picture put forth by the UN and various lobbying groups becomes radically different than what is being depicted in the press.”

But there is no misinformation when it comes to Yemen – only the deafening and criminal silence Saudi Arabia’s lobby has allowed to take hold.

The public has yet to learn the scale of Riyadh’s crimes, as there are no longer war crimes but crimes against humanity.

I would say this: “Truth has a way of finding its way back to the limelight, no matter how much money or how many lies are thrown at it.”

When it comes to shining a light on the kingdom’s aggravated human rights violations and crimes against humanity, the International League for Yemen War Crimes is mobilizing an army of experts, lawyers and human rights defenders to stand a voice for the voiceless and a witness to injustice.

And while the world today might still stands blind, deaf and mute, Yemen has already awaken, and its Resistance its strong. From the highlands of Yemen a roar has already been let out – that Yemen shall not bow to the sons of Nejd, that Yemen will be free under its sky and on its land: poor maybe so, but ever so proud!

By Catherine Shakdam for Shafaqna



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