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AL KHOEI FOUNDATION: Statement on the Horrific Terrorist Attacks on London

SHAFAQNA – Al-Khoei Foundation expresses its deepest condolences to the loved ones of the victims of Saturday’s heinous attacks. The perpetrators of such cowardly acts will not succeed in their attempts to divide society and strike fear into the hearts of Londoners, and Britons at large.

This is a country which stands for togetherness and supporting those in need – and we shall not allow attacks such as these to weaken us.

Countering extremism is an issue which demands immediate attention and action. The Foundation believes we must work towards resolving such issues, going beyond statements and condemnations to work toward solutions. Dialogue is required, and a frank discussion is needed between the government and Muslim communities to raise awareness of a number of issues. We must recognise that there exists a hateful ideology which such attacks are fuelled by, and it is this same ideology that fuels attacks against Muslims too.

We pray for a stronger and more united future, to grow as a society who supports one another and will not demonise any group. We will stand together in the face of evil and overcome the trials we collectively face.

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