Stolen childhood – the crimes we ignore for money …

SHAFAQNA – Earlier this June 2016 the United States meekly attempted to castigate Saudi Arabia for its atrocious, and it needs to be said repetitive human rights violations in Yemen.

Actually “violations” is too weak of a word! Under the current regime, Riyadh has dispensed death at a rate so frighteningly genocidal that only Israel could claim to have inflicted more pain and sorrow onto one people.

Made to endure the ferocity of the House of Saud, it is Yemen’s future which continues to be annihilated … as cluster bombs fall, as chemical agents fill the air, as cries rise to the heavens, it is children once more who have been sacrificed to the pyres of war.

And as darkness still works to engulf this stubbornly proud land of Southern Arabia, only the roar of Yemen Resistance has pierced through the thick veil of betrayal.

This particular article I would like to dedicate to Yemen’s unmistakable courage. These words I give to the sons of Hamdam, those words I send to the land who once called me daughter and to whom I have given two beautiful children.

To Yemen’s enemies I say the very words, which … long ago brought down the greatest of all tyrant.

“The disbelievers must not think that our respite is for their good We only give them time to let them increase their sins. For them there will be a humiliating torment.” (Quran 3: 178)

And in the words of Lady Zainab “O Lord! Procure our right and take revenge upon those who have oppressed us.”

In the face of so much destruction, senseless violence, blind hatred, and blinding pride, what is truly left to say? How can anyone speak justice when tyrants are offered protection for their crimes?

What truth is there to be shun, when the oppressors are standing atop the oppressed arguing legitimacy?

What is left to say indeed … EVERYTHING actually!

Everything is left to say, for it is when all hope has gone away that true Guidance can be found. For all the rivers of blood Riyadh will open, and the fires its abominable house it will lit, Yemen will not kneel.

Whether or not the world acknowledges Yemen’s pain makes little difference. Yemen was saved the say its men and women spoke resistance.

Yemen won the minute its people rejected the shackles imperialism locked them into.

Was it not Lady Zainab who cried at Yazid’s court: “O Yazid! On the day when Allah will be the Judge and Muhammad will be the petitioner, and your limbs will give evidence against you, your father, who made you the ruler of the Muslims, will receive His punishment. On that day it will become known what reward the oppressors earn, whose position is worse and whose party is more humble.”

Yemen today stands in Lady Zainab’s station, awaiting not mercy, but calling out for justice.

Do not underestimate a people yearning for freedom. Greater empires have broken their back on Resistance … greater empires will still break.

Shameless greed …

Just as Saudi Arabia managed to wrestle its way out of the United Nations’ human rights black list, so that it could claim absolute immunity I heard its legions argue shameless lies. To better back Riyadh’s abject sense of self-righteousness political worms have crawled out from the woodwork to vomit their poison – pouring disdain and lies over Yemen’s open wounds.

Shame on you! You know exactly who you are!

How far must you have fallen that you can no longer hear children’s crying in the dark? You don’t care you say … You don’t care that a people stand at death’s door so that your pockets could be lined with blood money? Maybe, just maybe, if you can still master a heartbeat that is, you should consider what you are buying yourself!

But enough with you … You may be many but Yemen’s Resistance is still greater. Regardless of tomorrow, the Houthis stood One against legions. How many armies can claim to have withstood against the world?

Some fights we ought to remember are not won on the battlefields, as they belong to a greater power still. Yemen’s fight against Saudi Arabia has already been claimed since it speaks of truth over deceit.

Yes, Yemen has been abandoned and shun by the international community! What is new?

Does such shunning make Yemen’s thousands of martyrs any less real? Does Ban Ki Moon’s public retraction wash al-Saud’s crimes clean? Has lying ever made facts less real?

Of course not! We live in a world where realities can be manufactured and bought – loyalties and allegiances are today forged in gold.

So what … the UN has capitulated to the kingdom and the world sits darker for it.

So what! People die every day right?!

What happens though when the very darkness which has swallowed Yemen whole reaches your doorstep? Will you then call out for help? Whose answer do you expect will cry back?

Upright Yemen stands

For all the lead the Kingdom has mastered Yemen has yet to bow to Nejd.

One simple history course should tell you that for the many millennia Yemen has spent under the sun, no occupying force EVER tamed the sons of Hamdan … only one man was able to command their loyalty. His name I need not say, for he lives still in the highlands, forever Yemen’s strongest light.

What defeat can anyone speak of when Ali leads?

The heart of Yemen’s Resistance lies not with the Houthis … not even with the people of Yemen. It lies in the oath which a people gave out eons ago – forever binding their faith, their soul, and their arms to the only House worth following.

Yemen will stand upright until the day its Imam will return – that you can be sure of.

There is more to Yemen’s war than politics and hegemonic manipulations.

Yemen lives in its resistance fighters … learn their names for their bravery might just save you.

“O enemy of Allah and O son of the enemy of Allah! I swear by Allah that I consider you to be humble and not fit even to be reprimanded and reproached. But what am I to do? Our eyes are shedding tears, our hearts are burning, and our martyrs cannot come to life by our reprimanding and reproaching you. My Husayn has been killed and the partisans of Satan are taking us to the fools so that they may get their reward for insulting Allah.”

By Catherine Shakdam for Shafaqna –




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