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How to strengthen optimism about God?

SHAFAQNA – Optimism about God is one of the most effective elements in Islamic teachings. But the important question is: How can we strengthen our optimism about God? The brief answer to this question is: Optimism and pessimism is connected to the thought and the outlook of a human being. If the religious knowledge is increased and the wrong outlook is corrected, in that case, optimism and hope (about God) will begin and gradually is increased.

For example it has been mentioned in Islamic teachings that: 1) God’s mercy, grace, and generosity exceed God’s anger and punishment. 2) The good of this world and the hereafter is given to the believer for his/her optimism and hope in God. 3) God is merciful and the sources of all that is good and will never abandon the believing servant who has hope and optimism in God. 4) Being optimistic about God means one must not be hopeful in anything else and be fearful of own sins. 5) The prophet of Islam (PBUH) emphasized: None of you must die unless he/she is optimistic about God [1].

[1] Dars’haayee az Akhlaq, Page 92; Osul Kafi, Vol. 3, PP 115-116; Merajal Sa’aadah, Page 173.

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