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Students in Syria’s Besieged Towns Continue to Receive Education

SHAFAQNA – Syrian students in Foua and Kefraya are attending classes despite food shortages in the two towns and incessant shelling by Takfiri terrorists.

According to Tasnim dispatches, hundreds of students in Foua and Kefraya continue to go to classes and prepare for upcoming exams as Takfir terrorists keep shelling schools and homes.

“We are here (school) to learn, take exams and achieve the highest level of knowledge despite the siege”, a girl student told Tasnim.

A Syrian teacher said learning and education are going on in the two towns despite all difficulties, including the siege, lack of food, and bombardments.

Foua and Kefraya in the northwestern province of Idlib are encircled by Takfiri terrorists.

The towns of some 20,000 people have been under siege since 2013. The humanitarian situation remains dire, with a lack of food and basic necessities.

Source – Tasnim News 

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