A successful end for Horr ibn Riahi (RA)

SHAFAQNA – In the last days of the Month of Zilhajjah, the thousand man army of Horr ibn Riahi reached Imam Hussain’s (AS) convoy. Imam (AS) asked Horr: Are you with us or against us? Horr replied: I have come against you to take you to Kufah. Imam Hussain (AS) said: I will not come to Kufah and will return. But Horr opposed to Imam Hussain’s (AS) return, and said: You cannot return until I receive the new order! Horr wrote a letter to Ibn Ziad and asked for instructions. At this time, Horr’s army had run out of water, and Imam Hussain (AS) ordered to give them water, and even water was given to their horses!! Tirmah ibn Uday told Imam Hussain (AS): It is better to fight Horr’s thousand man army here, before enemy’s army is completed! Imam (AS) did not accept and said: We have an agreement with Horr, and will not break it.

Ibn Ziad replied to Horr’s letter: Hold Hussain ibn Ali (AS) in a place where there are no facilities or water until the army of Omar Saad joins you. Horr followed the order, and on the second day of Muharram, Imam Hussain (AS) reached Karbala. Imam (AS) wanted to stop in the village of Neynawa, but Horr did not allow it, and Imam Hussain (AS) was forced to stop in Karbala. Zuhair ibn Qain told Imam Hussain (AS): Let’s fight them, before their number is increased! Imam (AS) replied: Until they start the war, I will not be the instigator of the war. By the arrival of Omar Saad, Horr’s assignment was done, and he managed to keep Imam Hussain (AS) in an area without any facilities or water. The morning of the Day of Ashura, Horr came to Imam Hussain (AS) and said: I am the same person who did all that to you! Is the way of repentance open to me?! Without mentioning what had happened in the past, Imam Hussain (AS) replied: Yes! Your repentance is accepted. I give you the good news that both in this world and in the hereafter you are free and free-hearted [1].

[1] Tarikh Tabari, Vol. 5, Page 401.

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