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Sultan al-Wa’izin Shirazi

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Ayatollah Seyed Mohammad Shirazi (12 May 1894 – 11 October 1971), commonly known as Sultan al-Wa’izin Shirazi (“Prince of Preachers from Shiraz“),[1] was a prominent Shi’a scholar. He authored Peshawar Nights, an account of a public debate between Shi’a and Sunni Muslims which took place in Peshawar in 1924.[2]

Sultanu l-Wa’izin Shirazi was born in Tehran on 12 May 1894. After his primary school in Tehran, he moved with his father to Karbala and studied in some Hawzas.


According to the book, he participated in a public debate between Shi’a Muslims and Sunni Muslims. The debate is said to have taken place in Peshawar (now in Pakistan, which at the time was part of British India) beginning on 27 January 1924.[1] The Shi’a were victorious in debate. According to the preface:

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  1. Translators’ Preface
  2. Peshawar Nights
  3. The Translators’ Preface stats: The death of Sultan al-Wa’izin in 1971 is mentioned by Michael M.J. Fischer in Iran: From Religious Dispute to Revolution – p.178, Harvard University Press 1980.

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