Summary of Top Asian News at 5:00 a.m. GMT

SHAFAQNA – BRISBANE, Australia (AP) — Eyeing Chinese assertiveness, President Barack Obama and the prime ministers of Japan and Australia committed Sunday to deepen their military cooperation and work together on strengthening maritime security in the Asia Pacific. The meeting, the first since 2007 among leaders of the three allies, risked antagonizing Beijing after a week when Obama reached a surprising level of consensus with Chinese President Xi Jinping on climate change and trade, and Japan and China took steps to improve their relationship.

HONG KONG (AP) — Three Hong Kong students who have led protests for greater democracy in the former British colony were denied in their attempt Saturday to go to Beijing to meet with top Chinese officials. Alex Chow, Nathan Law and Eason Chung — members of a student group that played a main role in organizing massive street protests that started nearly two months ago — arrived at the Hong Kong airport greeted by dozens of well-wishers holding up yellow umbrellas. But they were denied boarding passes for a Cathay Pacific flight when they were told their documents that would allow them to travel to Beijing were invalid.

BRISBANE, Australia (AP) — World leaders on Sunday prepared to release details of a plan aimed at injecting life into the listless global economy, with infrastructure investment and the lowering of trade barriers flagged as key components of the initiative. Leaders of the world’s 20 largest economies, wrapping up a two-day gathering in the Australian city of Brisbane, were hammering out details of a plan to boost global GDP by more than 2 percent above expected levels over the next five years, which amounts to around $2 trillion.

BRISBANE, Australia (AP) — A coalition of rights groups wants G-20 leaders to take action to improve the lives of the most vulnerable in society, reduce inequality and address climate change. The Civil Society 20 group, or C-20, says the G-20 summit this weekend in Brisbane, Australia will be judged on fairness.

MOSCOW (AP) — Russian state television has released a satellite photograph that it claims shows that a Ukrainian fighter jet shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. But the U.S. government dismissed the report as preposterous and online commentators called the photo a fake. All 298 people aboard the Boeing 777 flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur were killed when it was shot down July 17 over a rebel-held area of Ukraine. Ukraine and the West have blamed the attack on Russia-backed rebels using a ground-to-air missile.

NEW DELHI (AP) — Tainted drugs apparently killed 13 women who underwent sterilization procedures in central India after autopsies ruled out any surgery faults, officials said Saturday. Amar Agarwal, Chhattisgarh state’s health minister, said a preliminary finding suggested that a poisonous chemical compound, zinc phosphate, got mixed with the drugs at the manufacturing firm whose owner has been arrested. Government laboratories are expected to give a final report by Monday.

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Video secretly taken in North Korea shows public executions by firing squad. The country is said to begin a currency revaluation that turns disastrous. Leader Kim Jong Un is reported to have thrown South Korean leaflets containing rumors about his wife in his aides’ faces. Two of those stories are true. The third, who knows? All came from people in North Korea, through networks of defectors determined to get out information on the authoritarian, highly insular country they left behind.

ISLAMABAD (AP) — Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Saturday pledged his support to the Afghan president in his attempt to bring the Taliban to the negotiating table, a sign of warming ties between the two neighbors. Sharif met with visiting Afghan President Ashraf Ghani at his sprawling office in the capital, Islamabad. Ghani arrived in Pakistan on Friday for a two-day visit, seeking to repair a relationship between the two nations that was often tense in recent years. Ghani’s predecessor, Hamid Karzai, frequently accused Pakistan of turning a blind eye to the Taliban and other militants carrying out cross-border attacks from lawless tribal regions. Pakistan in turn blamed Kabul for failing to police its own borders.

BRISBANE, Australia (AP) — Russia’s President Vladimir Putin faced a chorus of criticism Saturday at a world leaders’ summit, where the escalating conflict between Russia and Ukraine threatened to overshadow talk of global economics. European Union President Herman von Rompuy said that while the Ukraine conflict was not on the agenda of the Group of 20 wealthy and developing economies, the topic would be discussed between President Barack Obama and EU leaders in Brisbane ahead of a European Union decision on further sanctions against Moscow.

MOSCOW (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that Western sanctions against his country could backfire. Speaking in an interview with German ARD television broadcast Saturday as he was attending the Group of 20 summit in Brisbane, Australia, Putin said that cutting Russian access to capital markets would hurt Western exports.

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — A strong undersea earthquake hit eastern Indonesia on Saturday, triggering a small tsunami and some panic but no casualties or major damage. The 7.1 quake occurred west of Halmahera island, which is about four hours’ flight from the capital, Jakarta.

Leaders of the 20 most powerful industrialized and developing economies are due to endorse strategies for raising global growth as they meet in Brisbane, Australia this weekend. Since they represent about two-thirds of the world’s population, 85 percent of global GDP and over 75 percent of global trade, they have the heft to do so. But reaching consensus can be tricky and leaders will also be fine tuning their own myriad, complex relationships during the meeting. Here are some key relationships to keep an eye on:

BEIJING (AP) — More than 200 refugees detained in Thailand earlier this year are believed to be Chinese Uighurs and should be repatriated, a Chinese consul said, dismissing concerns they will be mistreated. The refugees’ claim to be Turkish cannot be confirmed and they refuse to cooperate with Chinese authorities on proper identification, said Qin Jian, the consul in Songkhla.

YANGON, Myanmar (AP) — President Barack Obama mounted a warm show of support Friday for Myanmar’s opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, voicing opposition to a constitutional rule that’s preventing the pro-democracy icon from seeking the presidency next year. While crediting Myanmar for progress in its transition to democracy, he offered a blunt assessment of the distressing shortcomings that have called that transition into question. In his joint appearance with Suu Kyi, on the back porch of her lakeside home, Obama stopped short of an explicit endorsement for her potential campaign for president. But his affection and deep admiration for Suu Kyi was clear, from his praise for her efforts to liberalize the government to the ease with which he whispered in her ear as they walked arm in arm into the home where she was once confined as a political prisoner.

YANGON, Myanmar (AP) — Myanmar’s minority Rohingya Muslims are among the most persecuted people on earth, and advocates of their cause were hoping President Barack Obama would not only press the issue during his visit this week — they were hoping he would simply say their name. On Friday, the last day of his trip, he finally did — uttering the word publicly for the first time on his three-day visit at a news conference with opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

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