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Summer Quranic Course for Women Planned in Karbala

SHAFAQNA – The 4th edition of a Quran memorization course will be organized for women in the holy city of Karbala, Iraq, this summer.

According to the website of the Astan (custodianship) of Imam Hussein’s (AS) holy shrine, the Quran Teaching Section affiliated to the Astan’s Religious Disseminations Office plans to hold the educational program in the summer holidays.

Women and girls of different age groups can participate in the course titled “Seyyeda Fedhdha”.

Intisar Fadhil, the director of the section, said that the main objective of the program is to encourage the women and girls of the region to make the best use of their holidays to memorize Quran.

Educational sessions and seminars on Quran interpretation and recitation principles will be among the Quranic programs planned on the sidelines of the course, she added.

The participants will be granted certificates and those who memorize the entire Quran, 20 or 15 Juzes (parts) of Quran will be awarded pilgrimage trips to holy sites.

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