Surprising report about alcohol consumption in Arab countries / Russia and Germany ranked less than many Muslim countries!

There is a surprising report about alcohol consumption in Arab countries that claims Russia and Germany ranked less than many Muslim countries!.

Shafaqna – A report by the World Health Organization on the rate of alcohol consumption among countries claimed that Russians and Germans are ranked less than a lot of other Muslim nationalities in consuming alcohol.

The report pointed out that Tunisians, for example, consumes almost twice as much as the German, and the citizen of Chad consumes at a rate of about 34 liters per year, while a German’s rate of consumption does not exceed 14.7 liters per year and a Russian consumes an average of 22.3 liters.

As for Arab countries, according to the latest report from the World Health Organization, the ranking comes as follows: Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates come first among Arab countries in the rates of their consumption of alcohol.

Sudan comes third at a rate of 24.1 liters, Lebanon comes forth at a rate of 23.9 liters and then followed by fifth, Qatar at a rate of 22.7 liters. Bahrain is ranked sixth at a rate of 21.2 liters and Morocco is ranked seventh at a rate of 17.10, eighth is Syria at a rate of 16.3 liters, ninth  is Oman at a rate of 15.5 liters, tenth is Jordan at a rate of 15.2 liters, eleventh is Algeria at a rate of 10.9 liters, and 12th is Iraq at a rate of 9.1 liters.

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