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Syria: 125,000 Religious Tourists Visited Country

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SHAFAQNA- Tariq Kerishati, Director General in Rif Damascus said that 125 thousand religious tourists visited religious sites in Syria since the beginning of the current year (for 10 months).

The number of religious tourists entering Syria has risen by 50 percent since last year, Kerishati stressed in an interview with Al-Thawra newspaper.

“There are several other religious occasions that increased the number of pilgrims,” he said, underlining that “These pilgrims stayed in hotels for about 700,000 nights, which would increase the level of service to tourists, accommodation and transportation.”

More than 60 hotels licensed by the Ministry of Tourism in the Zainabiya region provide pilgrimage and passenger services, including two, three, and four star hotels, the Director General for Tourism in Rif Damascus province pointed out, underlining that “Several other projects in the Zainabiya region are preparing for tourism use, including five new hotels.”

“Because of the return of normal life and security to the international airport in Damascus and the region of Belandan, many owners of tourist and recreational projects are rebuilding their facilities,” he added.

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