Syria is being bled dry under Western mandate – EDITORIAL

SHAFAQNA – On April 15, a bomber blew up an explosive-laden car near the convoy, killing nearly 40 people, mostly children. the target? Shia Muslims from the villages of Fua and Kefraya near Aleppo.

Allow me to rephrase that: a few days after Washington cried outrage over an alleged chemical attack against one of Daesh strongholds to rationalise its own military intervention against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), Daesh militants staged a horrific attacks against innocent civilians.

Once again Daesh chose to slay those parties its ideologues long declared war to in the hope they could disappear a faith that irks their misplaced sense of righteousness: Shia Islam.

We may as well come out and say it! We may as well cut to the chase and admit that Syria Iraq, Yemen, Bahrain … wherever blood has been spilled to Wahhabism blade, has been done so that Shia Islam would be disappeared.

I suppose humanity has not moved far away from the plains of Karbala after all! Nefarious powers still seek to sow destruction against those parties who speak truth, compassion and justice.

Over the death the innocent the world has mostly kept mum … we will not. We will not stand in silence as innocent blood is being spilled and lives sold out to violence so that murderers could have   quench their thirst.

Not only will we push back but we will raise or voices for every innocent, whether our own or not at all because Justice is absolute and not tied down by faith.

What poor servants of the House would we be to reserve our mercy for our kin.

Today we cry our own but beyond we cry for the many lives and many futures Wahhabism forfeited to its ideology of fear, exclusion and intolerance.

Today we cry our dead and we call for reparation not for our own benefit but that of the innocent.

Blood was spilled in vain … Blood has soaked Syria’s ground and coloured its skies bright red and still we argue sides and allegiance.

Forgive me my anger but how can we argue sides when children are face down in the dirt and mothers made to bury their sons and daughters?

There is no side but that of Justice and Justice is with God.


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