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Syria slams US for ‘supporting terrorism’, demands withdrawal of all foreign troops from Syria

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SHAFAQNADenouncing the United States for supporting terrorism, Syrian Deputy Prime Minister Walid Al-Moualem told to the United Nations General Assembly that his country’s “battle against terrorism is almost over”, demanding the immediate withdrawal of all foreign troops from Syria who are there in the country illegally.

Syria’s top diplomat told the world Saturday that his country’s “battle against terrorism is almost over” after more than seven years of civil war, as an envoy from another side of the planet’s most troubled spots – North Korea – prepared to address the U.N. General Assembly, Time reported.

Syrian Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem slammed international interference in Syria, denied Damascus’ use of chemical weapons and accused the US-led coalition of war crimes at the annual United Nations General Assembly meeting.

al-Moallem explained confidently that the “situation on the ground has become more stable and secure” and that local reconciliation was well under way. He also thanked the Syrian people for their fortitude during the bloody conflict.

US-led international coalition has done everything but fight terrorism

He delivered a withering attack on the US-led “illegitimate international coalition” supposedly formed to combat terrorism in Syria. “The so-called international coalition has done everything but fight terrorism,” he said. “It has even become clear that the coalition’s goals were in perfect alignment with those of terrorist groups; sowing chaos, death and destruction in their path.”

“The coalition has also provided direct military support to terrorists, on multiple occasions, as they fought against the Syrian army”, UN News reported.

He said the “illegitimate” coalition, which includes international players along with local and regional opposition forces, destroyed the Syrian city of Raqqa- a former ISIS stronghold – and took part in massacres of civilians, including women and children as a means of “spreading chaos in international relations” and promoting colonialism and hegemony.

“We fully condemn the use of chemical weapons under any circumstances,” he said, adding that no unbiased investigation or evidence had been presented to link his government with chemical attacks, Aljazeera reported.

Iranian, Syrian Ministers to Discuss latest developments in New York

Iranian and Syrian foreign ministers have held talks on the latest developments in the war-torn Arab country in New York.

Mohammad Javad Zairf and his Syrian counterpart, Walid Muallem conferred on the Astana Process and other issues related to the Syria peace process, IRNA reported.

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