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Syrian insurgents get Chinese Anti-Air Craft Missile

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)

Syrian insurgents group Jaish.ul.Behr has succeeded to attain Chinese anti-aircraft missile which could be devastating for the region as it could change the balance of power. According to a British news agency Jaish-ul-Behr purchased these missiles from African smugglers. On the other US has also sanctioned provision of arms to Kurd fighters in Syria.

British Daily published such photographs in which Jaish-ul-Behr fighters were carrying these missiles. Report claimed that Chinese made FN-6 missiles and Anti-Air Craft guns are transferred by an African Arab country to terrorist organization. These weapons were first purchased by Sudan from China and later sold to Syrian Insurgents however analysts are still doubtful because Sudan enjoys cordial ties with Iran and it is impossible fro Sudan to transfer these weapons to anti-Syrian group. Few days back and American daily also claimed that Sudan sold Anti-Air Craft missile to Jaish-ul-Behr.

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