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SHAFAQNA – Patriarch Younan is denouncing the West’s faulty presentation of a peaceful Islam

The Catholic patriarch in Syria is saying Muslims who take their Quran literally are radical.

The patriarch of the Syriac Catholic Church of Antioch, Ignatius Youssef III Younan, spoke recently in Rome on the devastation his country has faced in the last five years at the hands of Muslims. The patriarch, who oversees some 200,000 Catholics, condemned Western politicians and media for what he called an intentional misunderstanding of political Islam and its objectives.

During the interview, Patriarch Younan referred to the bodies of nine Italians arriving in Rome killed by Muslim terrorists in Bangladesh, asking why this happened.

Go to the depth of the problem. … It is a matter of Islam, radical Islam, and most of the Sunni Muslims are radical. Why? Because they take their Quran literally. In the Quran … you have verses that are very intolerant, very violent. … A Muslim has to learn the Quran literally … and if you have people memorizing verses like “Go and kill the infidels” … this is the problem.


Younan called out the media for turning the war “inflicted on Syria” into an “Arab Spring” fantasy, starting in 2011. The Syrian patriarch even took exception to the Catholic leaders in this country joining in the call for a so-called “regime change” in Syria.

Even Catholic leaders [in the United States and Western Europe], lured by the media and your hypocritical politicians, would tell us [Christian leaders in Syria]: “The Syrian regime has to go,” assuming it was a matter of months, which was inappropriate because you have no right to interfere in an independent country that is still recognized by the U.N.

The patriarch thinks political correctness often prevents people in the West from perceiving dangerous phenomena related to Islam. He sharply denounced the “lying, hypocrisy and manipulation of public opinion” in the West with regard to the events in Syria and Iraq.

What he wants most of all is for Catholics to be more assertive and “to tell the truth, beginning with the elected people and the media.” Patriarch Younan isn’t seeking aid so much as that the truth be told of their situation.

I keep telling the U.S. bishops, “I thank you for your humanitarian aid, but it is not really what we need. We need them to stand up for the values of the Founding Fathers, defending human rights, religious freedom and the truth. … We need Catholics to stand up.

In an earlier interview with, Patriarch Younan went so far as to say the West has “betrayed” Syria.

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