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Syria’s Geneva Talks

SHAFAQNA – It is fair to say that the steadfastness of the army and unity of the Syrian state have resulted in what we have in hand today; otherwise, we would have tragically witnessed the demise of another Arab state and the fragmentation and disintegration of Syria.

Another important development is the continuous fierce battles taking place between the different military factions and their deep political divisions; this has given the Syrian government an upper hand in tackling the negotiations issue.

On the other hand, we have Stefan De Mistura three step plan for political solution: governance, new constitution, and elections. The plan is not likely to be put into effect, as it is not wholly agreed upon by the different parties. It is clear now that the whole political process in Syria is at its beginning.

The Russians have been able to bring it back on track but no concrete or quick results to be expected due to the widening rift among the oppositions forces themselves.

Another determining, yet crucial factor at the play is the American position; Russia as well as many other concerned parties are still investigating the US coming plan vis a vis Syria; and what Donald Trump’s administration intends to do, as this would contribute to determining the track the events would go through.

The US administration under Trump has pledged to wage a fully fledged war against the so called ISIS to eradicate terrorism, it also promised to coordinate efforts with Russia over that. This is a firsthand test to the US policy that has always failed to establish any credibility anywhere in the world, and especially in the region

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