Islamic Architecture of Andalusia

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SHAFAQNA - Islamic Arts: Spain’s Islamic centuries (AD 711-1492) left a particularly rich heritage of exotic and beautiful palaces, mosques, minarets and fortresses in Andalusia, which was always the  heartland of Al-Andalus (as the Muslim-…

Uzbekistan’s Blue City: the beautiful Samarkand

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SHAFAQNA - MVSLIM | by Afifa Thabet : When the famous Muslim traveler Ibn Battuta visited this wonderful place in 1330, he described it as “one of the greatest and finest cities, and most perfect of them in beauty”. He was right! Such a…

Was Ma’mun al-Abbasi Shia?

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SHAFAQNA - via WikiShia : Abu l-ʿAbbās ʿAbd Allāh al-Maʾmūn (Arabic:ابوالعباس عبدالله المأمون), (b. 170/786 – d. 218/833) the son of Harun al-Rashid, was the 7th caliph of Abbasid dynasty who forced Imam al-Riza…