Video: Don't Send Afghans Back

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SHAFAQNA- She should be safe, not afraid. That’s why we protested this week, telling European politicians to Keep Afghans Safe, Don't Send Afghans Back. From 4 to 10th of October, all over Europe protests took place against the deportations…

Photos: Successful Afghan immigrants in Iran

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SHAFAQNA:  Afghanistan has been catastrophically impacted by long wars for many years while this country was once a part of Iran. Lack of security in Afghanistan has caused its people to immigrate to other countries. Since Iran is the neighbour…

Muharram in Afghanistan: an occasion to remember the tragedies of Hazāra community

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SHAFAQNA: Most Afghans are Sunni Muslims, but a sizable minority are Shiites, mostly part of the Hazāra ethnic group, whose Asiatic features denote their Mongolian roots and set them apart from other Afghans. So the great majority of Shiʿites…