SHAFAQNA- Dua Arafeh (Arafat Supplication)

Imam Hussain (as) dua for the Day of A'rafah 9th Zilhajj

SHAFAQNA- The prayer of Imam al-°usayn (`a), the Chief of Martyrs, on the `Araf¡t Day is one of the famous prayers. Bishr and Bash¢r, the sons of Gh¡lib al-Asad¢, narrated that they, once, accompanied Imam al-°usayn (`a) at the `Araf¡t…

The Day of Arafah

SHAFAQNA- Of the nights in a year, there are seven nights mark as a grandeur and majesty nights. These are Shab-e-Qadr (Night of power), Shab-e-Meraj (Night of Ascension), Shab-e-Barrat (Night of deliverance), the night of Arafat (Great gathering),…