Islam and Iran Cinema Flourish in FIFF

SHAFAQNA - The relationship between media, politics and the public around the world heavily depended on the media and artistic medium like cinema and television. That explains why the US invests heavily on the media to manipulate the narration…

London Iranian Film Festival 2017 - GET YOUR TICKET Sunday 23 April

SHAFAQNA - London Iranian Film Festival is an annual, independent film festival held in London, United Kingdom. It is now entering its seventh year. It is the only festival in the UK that is dedicated to Iranian independent cinema, with this…

Tehran Grand Bazaar: Historical Market in Capital

SHAFAQNA - The Grand Bazaar, also known as Tehran's Grand Bazaar, is a historical market situated in the capital of Iran, Tehran. This Bazaar is located In Arg Square and its main entrance is called Sabze Meydan. The area around Tehran has…