Destinations for the Distinct Artistic Style of Islamic Civilization

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SHAFAQNA - My Salaam : Spanning over 1,400 years and featuring a wide range of domains, from architecture to calligraphy, Islamic art is not just a representation of religious beliefs and events but an artistic movement encompassing many peoples…

Eye-catching Islamic architectural art at Imam Hussain Holy Shrine

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SHAFAQNA - Imam Hussain Holy Shrine: Art possesses a wide area in the Islamic decoration, especially in the places of worship such as mosques and shrines. Imam Hussain Holy Shrine is considered a perfect symbol of Islamic art; it is one of…
Islamic art on display in the UK

Islamic Art on display in the UK

SHAFAQNA - With extremism an issue both in the Middle East and for police forces in the UK, a major museum exhibition in Aylesbury is opening today, with a hope of showcasing the cultural and artistic side of Islam. Organizers claimed it…