Iran's Zarif: Door still open to to salvage JCPOA

SHAFAQNA- Mehr News: While Iran has taken the next step to further…
Abbas Mousavi, Iran, JCPOA

Iran ready to talk to UAE to remove misunderstandings

SHAFAQNA - IRNA: In a weekly press conference on Monday, Spokesman…
Emmanuel Macron, Iran, the United States, JCPOA

Macron demands Tehran, Washington to enter talks

SHAFAQNA - MNA: According to Emmanuel Macron, Iran, the United…
Abbas Araghchi, Iran, US, JCPOA

Iran rejects prospect of talks with Trump at UN

SHAFAQNA - IRNA: Making bilateral talks between leaders attending…
Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iran, United States

Initiator of war with Iran cannot finish it: Zarif

SHAFAQNA - IRNA: In an interview with US media 'CBS', Mohammad…
Kazem Gharib Abadi, Iran, Mohammad Javad Zarif, US, JCPOA

Iran envoy: JCPOA commission may convene in NY

SHAFAQNA - IRNA: Kazem Gharib Abadi, Iran’s Ambassador and…

IAEA to continue verifying and monitoring Iran deal

SHAFAQNA - IRNA: Cornel Feruta, acting Director General of the…
Iran, JCPOA, Alexander G. Maryasov

Iran seeking lawful interests enshrined by JCPOA: Alexander G. Maryasov

SHAFAQNA - IRNA: Alexander G. Maryasov, former Russian Ambassador…

E3 worried about JCPOA fate

SHAFAQNA - IRNA: According to the EU High Representative together…
Russia, Iran, JCPOA

Russia: Iran’s cooperation with IAEA confirms its nuclear program is peaceful

SHAFAQNA - MNA: Russia’s Permanent Representative at International…

3rd step of JCPOA commitment reduction shows Iran seriousness

SHAFAQNA - IRNA: According to a member of the National Security…
Gérard Araud, Iran, JCPOA, United States

Gérard Araud blames US for Iran's reduction of JCPOA commitments

SHAFAQNA - IRNA: Gérard Araud, former Ambassador of France…
Mohammad Javad Zarif, JCPOA

FM Zarif tells RT: US won’t stop at Iran nuclear deal, it’ll tear up any accord as it sees fit

SHAFAQNA - RT: The foreign minister of Iran has told RT that…
Federica Mogherini, Iran, JCPOA,

EU working to preserve Iran nuclear deal: Mogherini

SHAFAQNA - Irna: Federica Mogherini, high Representative of the…
Caleb Maupin, Donald Trump, Iran, Persian Gulf

US expert: Trump's administration puts World in danger

SHAFAQNA - Irna: According to the author of 'Oil and the Global…

Rouhani: Middle East tensions stem from US economic war against Iran

SHAFAQNA- Iranian President Hassan Rouhani who is hosting Japanese…

Israel becoming more isolated: US analyst

SHAFAQNA- IRNA : Israel is one of the main losers of the Islamic…

Russia stresses implementation of Iran nuclear deal

SHAFAQNA- IRNA: Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov…

Rouhani: a secure and stable Afghanistan is a must for regional security

SHAFAQNA - ISNA: President Rouhani described a secure and stable…