SHAFAQNA - The Amir said: “Night and day my heart and Soul are intent upon serving God, but because of my responsibilities with Mongol affairs I have no time for such service.” Rumi answered: Those works too are work done for God, since…

"Love of God" by Br. Muhammad Jaffer

SHAFAQNA- Discussion with Br. Muhammad Jaffer on the Love of God Analyzing Rumi's poetry on his deep Love of God. Understanding the Quran's message of the total submission to love.  

Who was Rumi? Five interesting facts

SHAFAQNA - The news is that David Franzoni, the Oscar-winning screenwriter behind "Gladiator," is writing a new script for a biopic of the popular 13th century Turkish-Persian poet Jalaluddin Rumi. Filming is scheduled to start next year. However,…