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Shafaqna Collection: Imamate and Teachings of Imam Ali (A.S)

SHAFAQNA- The 21st of Ramadhan is the anniversary of martyrdom…
Shia answers, fasting 21 hours
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Shafaqna Dictionary of Shia Islam in Media: Shia

SHAFAQNA- Shafaqna Dictionary of Shia Islam in Media is a multilingual…
Shia Graph, Shia answers , philosophy of fasting in Islam

Shia answers: What is the philosophy of fasting in Islam?

SHAFAQNA- Fasting is the closest and most effective way to reach…
Mosque of Kufa

Photos: Grand Mosque of Kufa

SHAFAQNA- The Kufa Mosque is one of the most important mosques…
Pope Francis meets Ayatollah Sistani, Nahaf historic meeting

Najaf historic meeting in media: A strong sign for interfaith dialogue and coexistence

SHAFAQNA | by Leila Yazdani : Pope Francis met with Iraq’s…

Scientific and political life of Imam Musa Al-Kadhim (A.S)

SHAFAQNA- Imam Musa ibn Jaʿfar (AS), the seventh Shia Imam,…
Shia in Lucknow, India

Shia City of Lucknow in India

SHAFAQNA- Lucknow is the capital of the state of Uttar Pradesh…
Tasbih, Fatimah Zahra

Tasbih of Lady Fatimah Al-Zahra (SA)

SHAFAQNA- ABNA: It is quoted from Imam Ali (A.S), saying: “Fatimah…
Shia Graph, Imam Hadi

Shia expanded and became stronger in Imam Al-Hadi's (A.S.) era

SHAFAQNA- Imam Al-Hadi (A.S.) spent his time in spreading knowledge…
Islamic Revolution

Teachings of Shia Islam, most important element in victory of Islamic Revolution in Iran

SHAFAQNA| by Leila Yazdani: Inspired by and using Ashura teachings…
Fatimah Zahra Shiagraph

Fatimah (S.A), daughter of the Prophet Muhammad (A.S) and Lady Khadija (S.A)

SHAFAQNA- Fatimah may not be an Imam but she is the mother…

Situation of Shia Muslims in Sierra Leone- Interview

SHAFAQNA- The representative of the World Assembly of the Ahlal-Bayt…
Shiagraph Shafaqna

Story of Saqifah & appointment of caliphs as depicted in history of Islam

SHAFAQNA- As already mentioned, [after the demise of Prophet…

Islamic Law basics and principles: Introduction (Part 1)

SHAFAQNA | by Mohammad Saeid Taheri Moosavi*: It is clear that…
Shiism , Sunnism

Succession of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in Teachings of Shiism and Sunnism

SHAFAQNA- After the Prophet (PBUH) passed away, his followers…
Shia , Imam Ali

Forerunners of the Shia in Time of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

SHAFAQNA- A number of historians have composed books on the…
Shia muslims germany

Maryam Dilki: "Shia Muslims have a lot of freedom of action in Germany"

SHAFAQNA- "There are about 5 million Muslims in Germany, half…

Shiism as described by historians

SHAFAQNA- Study the annals of history reveals that the term…

Interview about Islam in Congo

SHAFAQNA- The Representative of the the Ahlal-Bayt (A.S) World…
Origins of the Shia

Origins of Shia Islam

SHAFAQNA- There are many theories about the appearance of Shia…

Distorting Islamic teachings after the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) death

SHAFAQNA- Another set of instances which demonstrate the lack…

Why Imam Ali's (A.S) leadership did not materialize immediately after the Prophet’s (PBUH) death?

SHAFAQNA- It is sometimes asked why the Prophet’s companions…

The Verse of Wilaya

SHAFAQNA- The Verse of Wilaya is a verse of the Quran which the…

Hadith of the Twelve Leaders

SHAFAQNA- Bukhari’s and Muslim’s Hadith collections, which…

Political and social life of Imam Hassan Al-Askari (A.S)

SHAFAQNA- Imam Hassan Al-Askari (AS), the son of Imam Al-Hadi…

The only Mosque in North Korea

SHAFAQNA- Al-Rahman Mosque is the only Mosque in North Korea.…