Fundamentals of Islamic Law (Part 2)

SHAFAQNA | by Mohammad Saeid Taheri Moosavi*: It has already…
Shiagraph Shafaqna

Story of Saqifah & appointment of caliphs as depicted in history of Islam

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Islamic Law basics and principles: Introduction (Part 1)

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Shiism , Sunnism

Succession of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in Teachings of Shiism and Sunnism

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Islam in Catalonia; in the past and now

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Activist Sheikh Mohammad Ali al-Ameli talks about Shia in Lebanon’s politics

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A Sunni perspective on Muharram and Imam Hussain

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The Two Weighty Things - Sunni & Shia Tradition

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No Shia-Sunni divide ... only Wahhabism


New York: Maulana Syed Fakharuddin Alvi condemns Zakir Naik & Yazid

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The Sunni-Shia debate – Labelling Islam only serves to weaken its call for Justice

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The Sunni-Shia Divide Which Never Was

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Iranian Sunni clerics denounce Nigeria Shia killing

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Division and dissension among Muslims biggest blows to Islam - says Grand Shia cleric to Sunni scholars

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