Video: Elizabeth Warren will be nominated in the next US presidential election

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SHAFAQNA- Elizabeth Warren, Senator of  Massachusetts State and Vice Chairman of the Democrats' Faction in the Senate, will be nominated in the next presidential election in 2020. She is one of the most popular leading senators and a famous…

South Africa has promised Iran to resume oil purchases

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SHAFAQNA -  Less than a month ago, Iranian foreign minister visited South Africa, a country which is considered as an old friend and strong supporter of the Iran nuclear deal. The formation of the technical commission to track the agreements…

Iran's response to Tramp: Iran has changed their attitude toward the US government more than the past

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SHAFAQNA - After the withdrawing the US from the Iran nuclear deal, less conversations or statements from Tramp heard in which there is no mention of Iran or threatening Iran. The US president recently said in a conversation with Fox News that…