Iran calls for maximum penalty for rioters burning its consulate in Basra

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SHAFAQNA - Oil-rich Basra has been the epicentre of protests that have rocked Iraq since July, with anger fuelled by pollution of the water supply that left 30,000 people in hospital. Angry protesters stormed the Iranian consulate in the southern…

Three Iraqi protesters killed as unrest sweep southern cities

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SHAFAQNA - The main gates to Iraq's port of Umm Qasrnear basra were re-opened Monday following closure due to unrest over poor government services across southern cities. Three officials said activities resumed at the port near the southern…

Brewing unrest in Egypt over new crackdown

SHAFAQNA - Troops, armed police and armoured cars were on the streets of Cairo following the arrests of dozens of activists and members of the media as Egypt’s president Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi faced the most serious and sustained protests…