Takfiri Deobandi Mufti Aijazullah escapes after rapping 11-year-old girl in Karachi

SHAFAQNA – A Takfiri Deobandi escaped after rapping an eleven years old minor girl in Karachi’s Patel Parha, a well known safe heaven of takfiri Taliban terrorist.

Deobandi leaders were trying to cover-up his heinous crime instead of helping police and judiciary to punish him for his anti-Islamic and anti-humanity heinous crime.

Reports had it that a Deobandi cleric of a local seminary namely Mufti Aijazullah raped an 11-year-old girl in Patel Parha, and area where Deobandi outfits banned ASWJ and TTP have strongholds.

Instead of handing him over to the police, Deobandis gave him shelter and trying to avoid Islamic punishment for such heinous crime. Mufti Naeem of Jamia Binouria al-Alamiya (SITE) is the main protector of Mufti Aijazullah.

The relatives of the victim are running from pillar to the post to get justice but the influential Deobandi leaders were implying to them not to pursue the case and forget it.

It is strange that self-claimed rights activists and the NGOs working for women and child rights are also silent due to security threats from takfiris.

Source : Shia Post

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