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Taliban chief Mullah Omar claims victory through his Eid message

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)

The Taliban supreme leader Mullah Mohammad Omar has claimed victory in Afghan war through his message issued on the occasion of Eid.

“Your Jihad and ungrudging sacrifices against the occupation have defeated the Americans, their Western allies and domestic supporters altogether with the Help of Allah (May Glory be upon Him),” Mullah Omar said.

He also added, “All their strategies have proved to be ineffective, with their diplomatic efforts facing fiasco, besides disgrace and ignominy. The NATO Summit in Wales under the leadership of America, the recent slandering in Afghanistan under the name of elections and the continuous advancements of the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate are proofs, speaking well for themselves.”

Mullah Omar said the United States has lost all the possibilities to win the war, claiming that the “Americans are entangled in Afghanistan in a long war of their history. The astronomical military and financial losses and the dwindling of America’s status credibility at world’s level are signs indicating her decline. The jittery-haunted rulers of the White House are trying, in a state of despondency, to win this disadvantageous war.”

He called on Taliban ranks to continue with their jihadic resistance and urged them to focus on keeping unity among the Jihadi flanks.

Mullah Omar also called on group’s fighters and leaders to “have good conduct with the common people; show them compassion and keep with them close relations.”

Mullah Omar has been hiding since the Taliban regime was toppled following the US invasion in 2001. He has a $10 million bounty on his head from the US State Department.

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