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Taliban shut schools in Afghan district

SHAFAQNA (International Shia News Association)- The Education Directorate of eastern Nangarhar province of Afghanistan has said that the Taliban militants have closed all the schools in Haskamina district.

About 20,000 boys and girls have been abdicated from attending schools for the last three days, said Nangarhar Education Directorate spokesman Muhammad Asif Shinwari. “The Taliban have conditioned re-opening of schools to the release of their prisoners, re-opening of the blocked roads and medical aid to their clinics,” Shinwari said. “We can’t do anything to these demands of Taliban,” Shinwari stated. “Our schools must be re-opened.”

Expressing deep concerns over closure of schools, the Haskamina residents have called on the Taliban to stop preventing their children from receiving education. “This is a big treason to the nation,” said Sher Shah Hamdard, a local of Haskamina. “No one has the right to stop our children from attending school.”

Provincial Council member Zabihullah Zemaray has stated that the Taliban are using schools as their safe shelters. According to the officials, the Ministry of Education has been already informed about the issue through a formal letter but it has not responded so far. It is said that the Taliban have closed all schools of Haskamina district of Nangarhar for the first time over the past thirteen years.

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