Teacher in Texas Calls Muslim Student a ‘Terrorist’

SHAFAQNA- Sounds like this teacher could use some sensitivity training — or just a clue about what is and isn’t an appropriate way to speak to children. Seventh-grader Waleed Abushaaban, who attends middle school in Fort Bend County, Texas, says his teacher called him a “terrorist” during class. Can you even imagine?

 Needless to say, this student’s parents are outraged. Terrorism is nothing to joke about — especially in front of children — let alone accuse someone of. The 12-year-old Muslim honor student was naturally upset and felt as if his classmates were all staring at him.

Well, of course they were! If kids hear an authority figure say a terrorist is in their midst, it’s only logical that they’re going to gawk and probably ostracize that student — if not do something worse.



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