‘Teachings of Quran’ Seminar Held in Kareli, India

SHAFAQNA- A program on the topic ‘Teachings of Quran’ was organized in Kareli, Madhya Pradesh State of India recently.

  Speaking on the occasion, Sobia Sheikh said “Quran talks about earning our livelihood through honest and truthful means and people should adhere to it.”
Expressing concern over deteriorating standard of education in Muslim community, she said “The first word of Quran to be revealed was ‘Iqra’ which means  read’. This is itself an evidence of importance of education in the society. However, people are unaware of Quran’s teachings.”
Member of Islamic Educational and Research Organization Fiza Narwi said “Quran is analogous to the guidelines issued from the Almighty to people about how to lead a pious life in the world.
The book polishes our character and teaches us to remain aloof from the social evils of falsehood, theft and other evils. The main purpose of life is to worship Almighty with full sincerity and devotion.”


Source: Times of India

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