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Tehran to Host Muslim-Christian Dialogue

SHAFAQNA – According to the website of the Islamic Culture and Relations organization (ICRO), Dimitry Safonov, secretary for interreligious relations of the Moscow Patriarchate’s Department for External Church Relations, met with Hojat-ol-Islam Taskhiri, the head of ICRO’s International Center for Interreligious Dialogue on December 19.

The importance of interfaith dialogue in strengthening coexistence among the followers of different religions, particularly Islam and Christianity, was stressed at the meeting.

Hojat-ol-Islam Taskhiri said that the biennial program has been held for 20 years in Iran and Russia with the aim of developing mutual understanding between the followers of the two faiths and boosting their relations and cooperation to solve common human problems.

He stressed that mutual understanding between Muslims and Christians plays an influential role in the development of dialogue among many different nations.

“Religions and Environment” will be the main theme of the 11th edition of the two-day program.

The Christian official said that he has written various articles on dialogue between Islam and Orthodox Christianity in Russia and suggested that a bulletin of the previous rounds of the dialogue be published.

The 10th round of the dialogue was organized on September 26-27 in Moscow. “Role of Dialogue and Cooperation among Religions in a Just and Stable Peace” was the title of the program.

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