TehranTimes/ Tehran center-stage of anti-terrorism negotiations

SHAFAQNA- According to Tehran Times,Iran has became the center-stage of negotiations on an anti-terrorism campaign drive, hosting the Syrian prime and Iraqi Parliament speaker, whose countries are caught in a serious fight with terrorist groups, as well as the Turkish foreign minister whose country’s policy toward the developments in Syria and Iraq are very important.

Iraqi army soldiers, backed by volunteer forces, have been fighting the ISIL terrorists, who control large areas across northern and western Iraq as well as eastern Syria, for several months now. Syria has also been fighting terrorists for about four years.

Iran has been supporting both Iraq and Syria in their war against terrorists.

Iran had warned the West about support to militants against the Syrian government, warning that it will create a safe haven for terrorists in the country, a prediction that finally came true.

‘Legitimate government cannot be toppled by military and financial aid’

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday afternoon hosted Syrian Prime Minister Wael Nader al-Halqi, where he said a legitimate government cannot be toppled by military and financial aid.

Rouhani was referring to the almost four-year long battle of the Syrian government against foreign sponsored terrorists who are attempting to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad militarily.

“Today, the public opinion has gotten aware of the fact that the Syrian people and army are fighting against terrorist groups and foreign plots,” Rouhani stated.

He also highlighted that Syria’s problems will be resolved through internal political talks.

The prime minister, in turn, thanked Iran for its support to Syria during four years of “cruel war”, saying any initiative that does not undermine Syria’s national sovereignty and lead to integrity will be examined.

Inter-Syrian dialogue will help security prevail: Iran’s Larijani

Iran’s Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani also told al-Halqi that dialogue among parties involved in Syria’s conflict will help the establishment of security and calm in the militancy-stricken country.

He also reiterated Iran’s unwavering support for the Syrian nation and government, underlining that the Islamic Republic, while insists on respecting the territorial integrity and national sovereignty of Syria, welcomes any initiative aimed at restoring peace and security in the country.

The top Iranian legislator also hailed the Syrian government and nation’s resistance against terrorists and their supporters, expressing optimism about Syria’s future.

“Western countries have confessed to their failure to topple the Syrian government, and are now looking for a political solution to withdraw the Syrian conflict in a face-saving manner,” Larijani pointed out.

‘Israel’s recent attack on Syria was to support terrorists’

Meanwhile, Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani said on Wednesday the recent Israeli airstrikes on Syria were conducted in support of takfiri terrorists operating against the Syrian government.

Israeli warplanes carried out two air assaults against an area of the Damascus International Airport and another airport in the town of Dimas on December 7.

“The recent intrusions [by the aircraft] of the Zionist regime into Syria’s airspace were an act against the national sovereignty and security of this country,” Shamkhani told al-Halqi.

Shamkhani also described as unacceptable the idea of creating a buffer or no-fly zone in Syria, saying the move intends to weaken the Syrian government.

Turkey has requested the United States to establish a buffer zone along the Turkish-Syrian border.

“The Syrian government’s determination to counter terrorism across the Syrian soil is resolute,” al-Halqi said for his part, adding that the terrorists will be destroyed and flushed out of Syria if the support they receive from foreign countries is come to an end.

‘U.S.-led coalition paying lip service in fight against ISIL’

Also on Wednesday, the Iranian parliament speaker hosted Iraqi Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jabouri, where the latter cast doubt on the sincerity of the U.S.-led coalition in fighting ISIL.

Larijani said those behind the campaign just talk the talk when it comes to fighting terror. “Certain ongoing campaigns against terrorism in Iraq are merely paying lip service [to fighting terror], among them the fabricated [U.S.-led] coalition.”

He said that Iran has made “practical” rather than “verbal” contribution to the battle against ISIL militants in Iraq. “All countries that can cooperate in the fight against terrorism should be active in this regard both in Iraq and Syria. If the will is there to fight terrorism, it will be welcome.”

Iran hails trend of democracy building in Iraq

Shamkhani also met al-Jabouri and hailed the present methods by religious scholars to create unity and confront terrorists in Iraq to establish sustainable security.

He said the concentration terrorists on Iraqi soil is a plot by enemies to confront the will of the Iraqi nation, adding that the plot also served the goal of providing security for the Zionist regime.

Shamkhani said the fact that injured members of ISIL receive treatment in Israeli hospitals clearly proves the link between terrorists and Israeli regime.

Highlighting the inability of the so-called coalition forces to confront terrorism, he said tackling the problem of terrorism calls for goodwill far from political and tribal affiliations, underlining Iran’s readiness for all-out cooperation with Iraq.

The Iraqi speaker, for his part, pointed to Iran’s important role in the process of democracy building in his country, expressing his country’s resolve to further expand ties with Iran to promote regional stability and accelerate economic growth.

Turkey vows to cooperate with Iran on Syrian issue

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Wednesday that Ankara will cooperate with Iran to help resolve the Syrian issue.

“Iran and Turkey, the two important countries in the region, may have different views, but we cooperate to resolve the issue,” Cavusoglu told reporters in a joint press conference with his Iranian counterpart.

Commenting on Turkey’s policies in the region, Cavusoglu stated that the country calls for continuation of talks with the friendly country of Iran.

“Terrorism is the most serious threat in the region. Iran and Turkey have been harmed in this regard and we agreed to fight against terrorism together.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, he announced that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will make a trip to Iran in 2015 at the invitation of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

Later in the day, the Turkish foreign minister also met with Iranian Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani. He also held talks with Iranian First Vice President Es’haq Jahangiri on the same day.






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