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Ten-Year-Old Egyptian Recites Quran in Three Styles


Mohamed Rabih Nabil Ali is from the city of Alexandria, a Mediterranean port city in Egypt.

He has won several Quranic competitions, including the national Quran contest for school students.

Mohamed is a memorizer of the entire Quran and is able to recite the Quran in the styles of “Qalun of Nafi”, “Hafs of Asim” and “Shuba of Asim”.

He has special permissions for reciting the Quran in the two latter styles from senior Quran masters and is working to obtain permission for the first one as well.

His recitations are so beautiful that a few months ago he was invited by the Awqaf department in Alexandria to recite the Quran at a major mosque in the city on a special religious occasion.

In an interview with al-Bawaba news, Mohamed said he started learning the Quran by heart at an early age and managed to memorize the entire Holy Book at 9.

He said that in recitation of the Quran, he imitates the recitations of famous Egyptian Qaris like Mohamed Khalil al-Hisri, Mahmoud Ali al-Bina, Mustafa Esmail, Abdul Basit Abdul Samad and Abdul Fattah al-Tarouti.

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