Thai Muslim leader Phitakkumpon opens mosque in PNU campus

SHAFAQNA – Thai Muslim religious leader Aziz Phitakkumpon opened a mosque located on the campus of Princess of Naradhiwas University (PNU), an institute where most students are Muslims, in Thailand.

Phitakkumpon presided over the opening ceremony of PNU campus mosque, serving as a place for religious activities performed by students and the public.

He says a mosque is considered a place where Muslims gather and perform religious activities together, adding that the PNU’s decision on this mosque’s construction is a notable act as 80 percent of PNU students are Muslims, and this mosque will help teach students into becoming good persons according to the Islamic principles.

“A mosque located in a university campus will help promote diversity in society and encourage people to live together in harmony, as well as benefiting the long term situation in Southern border provinces,” he further said.

Many people, including government officials, university executives, religious leaders from Malaysia, and the former Indonesian education minister, attended the opening ceremony of PNU’s campus mosque.

The PNU has also held a special lecture on the topics of “Mosque and peace promoting in the Southern border provinces,” and “What a campus mosque can provide to students and the community” on this special occasion.

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