Thaqalayn Quran Contest Held in Iraq


SHAFAQNA – Quran memorizers and reciters from 14 governorates of Iraq took part in a Quran competition named Thaqalayn.

The competition was held in Dhi Qar governorate south of the country for the second consecutive year.

It was organized by the province’s Quran Forum, according to Rawza al-Husseiniya Radio.

Imad Fakhir, head of the forum, said the Quranic event was aimed at promoting the culture of the Quran.

Thaqalayn Quran Contest Held in Iraq

Thaqalayn Quran Contest Held in Iraq

He added that there were various Quranic and cultural programs for the participants on the sidelines of the contest.

Quranic activities have significantly developed in Iraq since the 2003 overthrow of former dictator Saddam Hussein.

There has been a growing trend of Quranic programs such as competitions, recitation sessions and educational programs held in the country in recent years.

Source – IQNA


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