The 10th Day Gala – coming this June

SHAFAQNA – A group of passionate members and volunteers from various walks of life, aims to promote peace, justice and the intrinsic principles set against tyranny which sits at the cornerstone of true humanitarian values.

Through the message of a powerful historical figure – Hussain, a man whose renowned stature and moral standing has defied the ages and inspired generations of men, women and children, intends to rekindle hope, shine tolerance and offer new avenues of humanitarian aid.

At such a time when bigotry, ignorance and prejudice have worked to divide society, while fuelling hatred and mistrust, our ambition is to walk a different path … the very path Hussain lit from Mecca to Karbala, the footsteps Jesus took when he entered Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives or Moses took when he descended from Mount Sinai – the footsteps for peace, the path for brotherhood and freedom. These are all part of our Footsteps to Freedom.

We will strive to offer a true reflection of what Hussain stood for and reject those wicked and brutal individuals whom have hijacked and perverted these names, so that their interests and their agenda could be forwarded. To better speak truth in the face of falsehood, we will retrace those Footsteps to Freedom and speak of courage, valour, strength of heart and unshakable resolve.

Our time today, much like then and centuries past is held at the mercy of a tyranny so grand and so absolute that all but one light will be extinguished – and that is your freedom.

Let’s not forget how one man, one bloodline, one true servant of God took on an army so that our freedom can be set for generations to come.

“If you don’t believe in any religion and don’t fear the Resurrection Day,

at least be free in this world” – Imam Hussain (a.s)

We hope that like us, and with us, you will walk these footsteps to freedom … walk to meet those men and women whose voices have transcended time, so they would guide us towards a better path, a fairer path – and a better version of you.

Hussain is just one of the many personalities we treasure, but he enjoys a special status due to the unprecedented sacrifices he offered in the face of tyranny. His name we carry deep in our heart, his name we will keep in our prayers always.

 Where it all began – The journey began in 2012 when volunteers from Mohebban al-Mahdi Youth Foundation in Manchester U.K decided to oppose rising intolerance by offering Hussain’s message to the world.

While the task appeared somewhat insurmountable, even more so by the lack of means, they pushed on.  They hit many bumps and faced many difficulties but their resilience and determination never wavered – victory is not necessarily found in our ability to prevail over our enemies, but rather how we stand before those who do evil.

And so they stood – and as they stood, many now stand beside them. This formed

Today, has successfully raised the flag of Hussain – recalling the victory he forever secured, and the path he forever lit up.

The 10th Day is inviting you today to follow in the Footsteps to Freedom … to walk behind your leader and learn of not of falsehoods but of truth. We will strive to dispel misconceptions and intolerance, so that, together once more – Free we can stand.



Sayed Faiz Reza Hamdani


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