The 10th Day is set to kick-start its new campaign in Manchester VIDEO


The10thDay Imam Hussain Awareness Campaign will launch this June its 2nd Annual Gala Dinner, held in Manchester.

It is aimed at fostering tolerance and understanding within Britain and promoting positive relations among different monotheistic religions. The10thDay intends to introduce Islam, Islamic traditions and Islam’s values to society as a whole by teaching its history – allowing for the truth of Islam to be heard, including the deeds that were carried out and performed.

A vibrant youth organisation, The10thDay is well-positioned to break religious stereotypes – offering knowledge, social solidarity, and friendships where there were mistrust, ignorance and bias.

While Islam and Muslims have often hugged the headlines … more often than not for the wrong reasons, very little is actually known of the Islamic faith, its many school of thoughts, its traditions, its cultures, and its history. Far from being a foreign entity, or a foreign faith removed from Western “traditional values” Islam stands in fact a witness to history. Islam’s memory stretches back to the Genesis, when the world was still new, and prophets had yet to walk the Earth.

From the prophet Adam, to Jesus, Islam embraces all prophets of the Book. Contrary to common belief, Islam prays to the God of Abraham, and its Tradition remembers still his sacrifice.

The10thDay will strive to present History, Knowledge and Culture to unite, share, and build a powerful interreligious solidarity network, where all people could then find common ground in those universal values we all share.

To kick start its campaign, The10thDay will introduce Imam Hussain – one of Islam’s most respected and revered heroes. A man, whose sacrifice and stand against tyranny shaped the way millions of Muslims and non-Muslims across the ages have understood what true leadership, faith, and honour actually mean.

The10thDay campaign intends to carve a new way forward … Judging from their enthusiasm, and drive they might in fact teach Britain to breath, walk and talk unity.

The 10th Day will hold a Gala on June 4th in Manchester to introduce its message, and campaign to the community.

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